Calendars are a great way to either promote your business year round in front of your customers, or to fundraise for any worthy cause.

There a few different calendar options availale. The most popular being:

Wall Calendar. These are typically one sheet and anywhere in size from A4 to B2. They display the full year on one sheet, often with the week numbers included, and are a great cost-effective solution for businesses.

Saddle-Stitched. These calendars have two staples in the spine and are drilled with one hole at the head for hanging. They open like a magazine. Typically, they would have an image at the top and the dates down below.

Wiro-bound. These are larger calendars that are wire-bound at the head with a hanger. They are usually more expensive but give off a more luxurious feel.

All calendars that we design are bespoke designed so you can rest assured that your calendar will be unique to your business.


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